21st Century Scholars alumni are the greatest asset to young Scholars! As current Scholars work towards college and career success, nothing is more powerful than being able to connect with alumni who also earned the 21st Century Scholarship and went on to successfully complete college. You may even work in the Scholar’s chosen career field or live in their community! By participating in a mentoring program or ScholarCorps, you can help make sure Scholars succeed in their college and career goals—just like you.

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ScholarCorps members are placed at select colleges and universities across Indiana and serve as an on-campus resource to 21st Century Scholars enrolled at that university—making a difference in the lives of others, while gaining valuable civic and workforce skills. Contact us to learn about serving as a full-time ScholarCorps member.

» Annual AmeriCorps Living Allowance of $17,500 (distributed in 26 equal disbursements)
» AmeriCorps Education Award of $5,730 upon successful completion of full term of service
» Student Loan Forbearance and Interest Accrual Reimbursement on qualifying loans
» Mileage reimbursement to offset travel expenses for mandatory trainings and events
» Training and Professional Development
» AmeriCorps Member Health Benefits
» Childcare assistance for qualifying members
» Excellent experience in higher education and student success

» Must be a United States citizen, national or lawful permanent resident of the United States
» Associate degree or bachelor’s degree preferred
» Ability to make a full-year commitment from August 1– July 31
» Proven leadership, organizational skills, public speaking and project management
» Excellent verbal and written communication skills
» Basic office computer skills, including word processing. Experience with spreadsheets/databases and desktop publishing preferred.
» Ability to work well with individuals from diverse backgrounds
» Preference will be given to 21st Century Scholar Alumni
» Ability to drive and access to a vehicle


You may want to participate in a mentoring program. A mentor is an adult who agrees to spend time with a specific student for a set period of time. Scholars alumni have the unique opportunity to help others walk the same path to career success.

Most communities have a mentoring initiative. See below for organizations that specifically partner with 21st Century Scholars, or visit the Indiana Mentoring Partnership to find another program in your area. Be sure to ask if you can be paired with a 21st Century Scholar.