As a high school freshman, you’re probably at a brand new school, making new friends and starting new experiences. To help you along the way, check out Learn More Indiana’s page just for Freshmen. Then, log in to ScholarTrack and track the progress of your Scholar Success Program activities.


Create a Graduation Plan
In 9th grade, you must create a high school Graduation Plan. It helps you understand what courses, tests and other steps you need to complete in high school so you have a clear path to graduation and a solid foundation to achieve your college and career goals. You’ll update your Graduation Plan each year as your plans for after high school continue to develop.

You can create your grad plan easily by setting up an account at Indiana Career Explorer. You can also download a printable PDF version to complete it on paper. Once you’ve finished, log in to ScholarTrack and answer a few questions to complete the requirement.

Participate in an Extracurricular or Service Activity
Extracurricular activities at school—such as band, chorus, athletics, theater, student newspaper or yearbook staff, student council, and a variety of clubs—are a great way to complete this requirement and to meet students with similar interests. You can also get involved in a variety of service activities in your community, such as through church, a local youth organization or community center.

Once you’ve been participating in your chosen activity for a while, log in to ScholarTrack and answer a few questions to complete the requirement.

Watch “Paying for College 101

Watch the video, then log in to ScholarTrack and answer a few questions to complete the requirement.


Download a PDF of the Grade 9 Scholar Success Guide here.