The 21st Century Scholars program helps students stay-on track for college and career success.  Scholars can complete program requirements and learn more about what it takes to be college ready at 21st Century Scholar supported events.


Organizations and schools throughout Indiana are dedicated to helping 21st Century Scholars complete their high school requirements (including maintaining the Scholar Pledge and completing the Scholar Success Program requirements) and follow their path to college and career success. That’s why Indiana’s College Success Coalitions are dedicated to hosting and promoting events in their area to assist Scholars in earning their Scholarship. To search for an event in your area, click here.


The 21st Century Scholars program has developed a series of state-sponsored, regionally-based workshops, programs and conferences to help current 21st Century Scholars complete their requirements in high school, maintain their Scholarship in college and prepare themselves for life after college.

  • Scholar Success Days (hosted in the fall and spring)  assist high school Scholars in completing their Scholar Success Program requirements.
  • Junior JumpStart Events (hosted in the summer) are specifically designed for Scholars who are moving into their senior year of high school. These events provide Scholars with tips and resources to help them JumpStart their path toward college and career success.
  • The Next Steps College Conference (September 22, 2018) promotes persistence and on-time completion of college Scholars through workshops, networking events and information on life after college. For more information, or to register, click here.